Monday, 5 October 2015

Something Wicked #11- 27 days to go!

To herald the launch of the next wave of comics from FQP, we will be updating the blog each day with a look at one of the strips.

Today we look at The Sultan's Painting, which will be appearing in Something Wicked #11.

Art by Rui Mendes

Phil Madden (Writer: The Sultans Painting) has written scripts for the UK market (The Dandy, Commando) but is best known for his work on the jungle hero character The Phantom; published in Scandinavia (Egmont Karnan) and Australia ( Frew Publications) He can be contacted at

Rui Mendes (Art: The Sultans Painting) "well, it is the second story that I have designed and I liked it a lot, the script is very well written and I really liked it, this is another good story and I hope that the drawings correspond to the expectations."

Join us tomorrow as we take a look at another upcoming strip!

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