Thursday, 19 June 2014

PJ Holden- Blogging

Over on his blog, artist PJ Holden, the man behind the art on Dept of Monterology, loads of strips for 2000 AD and the first artist in my sketchbook, has made This post talking about Small Press comics.

He's right about pretty much everything in it.

Thanks to PJ for the kind words and if you agree with them, feel free to vote FutureQuake at the TrueBelievers!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

FutureQuake 25- Cover(s)

FutureQuake 25 is late.

No two ways about it, this issue should have been on sale in March, but for reasons that I'll not be going into here, that didn't happen.

I did get the cover sorted though, this little beauty from Bruno Stahl...

Flash forward and FutureQuake 26 should have been getting prepped right about now, and I'd already sourced a cover for the issue by Conor Boyle...
but hold on, I'd gotten a cover already from last issue that wasn't used! What to do?

Should I hold the Conor cover back, along with the strip that it goes with? Hold back the Bruno cover, and the strip that one goes with? I did consider both of those options, but I am not planning on there being an issue of FQ in November this year so that would mean holding the cover for almost another six months before it saw print.

That's bad form, and If I was a contributor to that title I'd be having words.

So, my only solution really was to run both covers. Therefore FutureQuake 25, available July 2014 for as long as the print run lasts will feature two covers and two lead strips!

Fingers crossed I've got the formatting on this one right.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Voting Open! True Believers

Face Front FQP Followers! On the 12th July the inaugural True Believers awards will be given out and FutureQuake is nominated!

Click Here! to visit the site and vote for any of the fine titles available.

Favourite British Comic: Black and White

  • Dexter’s Half Dozen
  • Futurequake
  • GoodCopBadCop
  • School of Bitches
  • Wolf Country

Best of British to all nominee's, and I see to titles there from Planet Jimbot!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Coming Soon- I Don't Like Monday Quests

You know what hapens- the alarm goes off, you drag yourself from bed and so it begins- the 'Monday Morning Quest!'

Join Writer David Griffiths and artist Jim Lavery as they show us how it 'should' be done in FutureQuake 25, on sale July 2014.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Coming Soon- Consumer Channel X

Coming soon, We hook up with Consumer Channel X to take part in a very special broadcast. Take part in this unique purchasing opportunity by purchasing FutureQuake 25, available from July 1st 2014.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

New Comic: T4L

We've been contacted by Virgil Yendell (Self Psych: FutureQuake 22) to let us know that he's part of the team behind T4L Comic, available from Comicsy in both print and digital format.

The blurb from the comicsy page says:
"T4L Comic Vol 1 is OUT NOW. The new 32 page anthology comic about fantastical and strange happenings on transport in London. It contains 5 stories by James Evans, Rob Cureton, Aaron Murphy, Mike Yeoman, Gavin Yong and Cliodhna Lyons. Come see the strange world you find when you don’t Mind the Gap. Commuting to work maybe a grind but beware the dangers of Walking to Work. Have you ever seen the Metronaut, a futuristic graffiti artist and his is endless battle for artistic freedom. Did someone seem familiar on the train today? If you so may have just missed Churchill Party! Journeys in London can be drab and dreary but occasionally on the Underground you may meet someone who brightens your day."

Good luck folks!

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Coming Soon- Package Holiday

From the minds of Andi Ewington and Conor Boyle we are proud to take you on the journey to end all journeys in PACKAGE HOLIDAY.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Coming Soon- The Final Terminal

Coming soon to the pages of FutureQuake- The Final Terminal by Arran Frood and Steven Austin.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Coming soon: The IDIOT box

Coming soon to the pages of FutureQuake- The Idiot Box by Jonathan Stevenson and Stephen Prestwood. FutureQuake 21 will be on sale early July 2014.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

In Review: Amazing & Fantastic #03

Amazing & Fantastic #03 by the Planet Jimbot Studio.

You would think that as we at FQP put out anthologies I’d be against reading one from another team, but you’d be wrong. Amazing & Fantastic #03 is a well put together title (as you would expect from the ever capable Jim Campbell) and boasts a very talented roster of creators, headed by Jim Alexander.

The comic itself is 24 pages and there are 6 tales in the book. There are strips and text stories, serials and stand-alones. The title doesn’t have a ‘hook’ that ties each story to a theme and so the comic is free to tell any story it likes.

There are scheduled to be 5 issues in the run, so this is technically the halfway mark for the serials.

A panel from: The Bounty Hunter By Luke Cooper

I don’t want this to be the type of review where each of the stories gets a little bit of comment, as I find that to be damaging to the book as a whole. You are, after all buying a collection- singling out any of the works could be seen as dismissing the works of many other individuals.

My thoughts on the issue as a whole are that the book has a nice balance, however a ‘previously’ box would be welcome for the serials to help get up to speed. There is some lovely writing on show here, accompanied by some precise, clear storytelling and beautiful images. Elinor Winter, as editor has put a lot of thought into how this collection needs to function. I'm already wondering the series will be collected into a trade.

As always, feel free to contact Jim directly for a copy of the book- it is a mere £2.95 for a copy via presumably the first two issues are still available as well.