Friday, 19 July 2013

Coming soon- SPOD!

Word has reached me here at FQP towers of an upcoming anthology using kickstarter to get published:

Space Oddities was a short run idea utilised in Mark Millar's comic platform Clint. Artists and writers were actively encouraged to post their work on the Millarworld forums, in the hope that some of them would eventually be printed. What resulted was a ton of incredible strips, however to this day not one was chosen for print. A group of us from the forums (Jimmy Fulrong, Gordon Robertson and Blas Bigatti) decided that it would be a cool idea to gather all these great stories into a single volume and unleash it on the world. Spod! Oddities From Space is the result. Thank you.- Jimmy Furlong.

Why am I telling you this? Well it turns out that at least one of the strips featured in this volume will be familiar to readers of FQ. Jimmy wrote Apocalypse Now Or Never and that strip is being coloured for presentation in SPOD

John Freemans astounding news site Down The Tubes has more to say on the comic HERE

Update- I've been told that the Kickstarter reached target, so all systems go for this!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Postal Delivery System- GO!

After some 'issues' with printing and spending three nights this week slaving over a hot pile of envelopes I am pleased to say that all orders and shops will have their copies of the latest comics from FQP in the next few days.

Thanks to you all for being patient.

Monday, 1 July 2013

FutureQuake 23: Contents.

On sale NOW! through either this link or via the button on the right, FutureQuake 23 is packed to the very top with storytelling talent.

Behind the amazing cover by Kev Levell we have 11 strips to entertain and astound you.
This issue we present:


A Soldiers Guilt by Writer Ollie Masters and Artist Dan Cornwell

ApocalypseNow Or Never by Writer Jimmy Furlong and Artist Andrew Hartmann

 FutureOrganic by Writer Chris Redfern and Artist Darren Mullen

Interpretations by Writer Paul Penna and Artist Jim Lavery
Invasion by Writer Jon Hayes and Artist Alex Paterson

LivingThe Dream by Writer Ryan Hickling and Artist Alex Paterson
OutOf Time by Writer Christopher Sides and Artist Simon Bennett Hayes

Palindrome by Writer/Artist Kirill Chernov

PerksOf The Job by Writer Robert Lefebvre and Artist Dan Cornwell

Planet5379 open for business by Writer Ricky-Marcel Pitcher and Artist James Evans

Ratings by Writer Chris Boette and Artist Paul McCallan

Still only £3.50