Saturday, 22 November 2014

Thought Bubble 2014

Thought Bubble 2014.

Well, that was a bit good. Thought Bubble has always been a personal favourite for me. I first attended back in 2009 so this was my sixth time behind a table there. This year we were in the New Dock, and as you came through the doors we were in the top left corner (the actual top left was Dave Broughton with his astoundingly prolific selection) meaning that the good folk had to make it past a lot of high quality product to make it to the FQP table.

We are in the top left corner!

The new comics all went down well, with Something Wicked 10 selling almost as many as Zarjaz & Dogbreath (I actually only made it back with 5 Zarjaz left out of the stock I took) which was a very nice surprise.

The Saturday part of the weekend was very possibly the busiest single day we have ever had, and so the Saturday night was very much looked forward to.

The trip to the all you can eat Chinese we have visited for the last 3-4 years has now been dubbed the FQP Christmas party, and this year saw the birth of the five plate challenge, which saw two victors (you know who you are) eat their way to everlasting glory (and a full belly).  After that we headed off to meet up with the conventions premier cosplay for a drink before intending to gatecrash the convention party.
Judge Jimp (What a man)

Sunday is always a time for reflection at a convention- what did I Eat/Drink/Dance to, etc as well as the opportunity for many of the stallholders to actually take a walk around and pick up the comics they came for.

I, personally wanted to collect copies of Cross, Daves new book, and a replacement for my Dredd sticker that lives on my ‘phone. I also picked up Wisher from Cinebooks, a copy of Cindy & Biscuit and finally I managed to get a copy of Hellraisers after seeing a copy two years ago.

Sales on a Sunday are normally only half of a Saturday, so we were settled in for a quieter day, allowing for more time to catch up with friends and to admire the entries for the annual 2000 AD art comp (congratulations to all who entered, and to the winner Daniel Dwyer) before a last meal with friends and the drive back to FQP towers.

Overall the weekend was a massive success. New friends were made, old friends were hugged and several new artists were encouraged to get in touch for scripts to work for us.

Thought Bubble is a definite for me for next year, and massive thanks are due to the small army of ‘red-shirts’ that were on hand all weekend. These folks work all weekend for nothing, deal with everything that is thrown at them by exhibitors, public and guests alike, yet they are always pleasant to speak to and eager to help in anyway. It is a testament to this that I fully intend to get both my youngsters to volunteer one day.

Integra returned as Judge Anderson with the good folk from Planet Replicas

Next we return to the usual pimpery and previews as 2014 comes to a close. Stay tuned for the first chances to see the strips that will be in FQP titles next year.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

FQP Digital Archive- Price drop!

Comicsy is the place to go for digital content from FQP, recently we opened the FQP archive to present Something Wicked 01-03 under a single cover for only £2.00! Now we are announcing that the archive edition of FutureQuake 04-06 has a new cover, to stylistically match the Something Wicked edition, and it is also now available for a single earth pound.

Don't miss your chance to take advantage of this- all six issues available for £3.00- it's almost too good to be true.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Something Wicked 10

SOMETHING WICKED reaches issue 10 in fine style! Behind the wraparound cover by Jon Taylor we present 10 strips filled with that much horror, that 10 out of 10 is the only score possible! Caution is recommended as you read this issue. 48 pages for only £4.00


A Jagged Piece Of A Broken Heart by writer Robert Lefebvre and artist Justin Wood

Angler by writer Richard Pearce and artist Jack Davies

Copper Trap by writer Mike Lynch and artist Johnny McMonagle

Dinner Date by writer Chris Tresson and artist Darren Stephens

Graveyard Shift by writer David McCluskey and artist Sam Weller

Schrodingers Hat by writer Derek Hamill and artist  Jon Taylor 

So Your Spouse Has Become A Zombie by writer Umar Ditta and artist Adam Caudill

The Fifty Yard Fox by writer David McCluskey and artist Scott Twells

The Last by writer Jimmy Furlong and artist Andrew Hartmann

Victoria by writer Lee Robson and artist Bryan Coyle

Available now from the link on the right.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Something Wicked 10- Cover.

Available very soon now. Something Wicked 10 boasts this superb cover from artist Jon Taylor. To celebrate the comic reaching issue 10 Jon gifted us with the awesome wraparound cover.

Something Wicked 10 will be available early November for only £4.00 from the FQP webshop

Sunday, 26 October 2014

In Review: Good Cop, Bad Cop Casebook 02

Good Cop, Bad Cop Casebook 02 published by Rough Cut Comics, written by Jim Alexander and with art by Luke Cooper and Will Pickering.

Cover by Joel Carpenter

Casebook 01 of Good Cop, Bad Cop (GCBC) won the True Believers award this year- and I was there to witness Jim Alexander accept his award, and very pleased I was for him to win. C
GCBC 01 is a really good book.

I enjoyed this second volume even more. There are two stories in this collection; 'Tiny Facts Of Kindness' with art by Luke Cooper and 'Twisting the knife' with art by Will Pickering. 

Art by Luke Cooper from 'Tiny Facts' of Kindess'

Casebok 01 was reviewed here. Casebook 02 gets straight into the action as DI Fisher, along with partner DI Spencer pick-up on a robbery at a supermarket and finish up with a very interesting visit from a local priest. The second story in this volume focuses on DI Spencer and highlights her thoughts on her partner and her relationships with those 'further up the food chain' in the police.

The second story- Twisting the knife- is my favourite of all the GCBC stories I've read so far. A cracking little study in storytelling.

My only real gripe would be that for new readers we don't get to be reminded of names early in the stories. DI Spencer isn't named until page 30 of the book. Every book is going to be somebodies forst, so while I'm not saying that the readers need to be spoon-fed the relevant data, an early heads-up for returning cast would be welcome.

Now for the science bit:

68 Pages/Original Graphic Novel/£7.99.  
The first copies of GoodCopBadCop: Casebook#2 will be on sale at Thought Bubble (the Rough
Cut Comics/Planet Jimbot table situated in New Dock Hall).  
It will be distributed through Amazon at this link and direct from in December.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

From the FQP Archive: Something Wicked 01-03

Now available from the FQP archive: Something Wicked 01-03. Collecting the first three issues of the annual horror extravaganza!

Including stories by:

Adrian Bamforth, Al Ewing, Alec Worley, Arthur Wyatt, Ben Womack, Bolt-01, Brett Buckle, Brian Janchez, Bryan Coyle, Cavan Scott, Charles Paul Wilson & Steve Talaba, Chris Chapman, Chris Fenoglio, Chris Steifvater Thomas, Christine Harper, Cullen Bunn & Shaun Lee, Dan Hill, Dan Kennedy, Dave Roberts, Dean McDowell, Dom Reardon, Dunk! Nimmo, Ed Berridge, Ed Traquino, Flint Hazabudak, Gibson Quarter, Graham Plowman, James Feist, James Fletcher, James Mackay, James McEwan, Johnny Mcmonagle, Julia Bax, Keith Burns, Kieran Murphy, Lee Robson, Lonny Chant, Mark Woodland, Nick Andreychuk, Paul Carter, Paul Scott, Richmond Clements, Robert Murphy, Scott Clements, Steven Denton, Terry Stock, Tim Twelves, Vicky Stonebridge.

Over 140 pages of strip for only £2.00- these comics are no longer available so this is the only way to experience the creeping dread as Something Wicked this way comes!

Available via the FQP page on Comicsy

Note- The comicsy download is around 30 meg, the most that comicsy will allow. For a higher resolution edition (around 180 meg) email with your paypal receipt and I'll get in touch.

In Review: Amazing & Fantastic Tales Issue 04.

Amazing & Fantastic Tales Issue 04 from Planet Jimbot.

The anthology headed by Jim Alexander reaches issue 04 with a few new additions to the line-up.

Cold Blooded by Ed Murphy is a new addition to the line-up and the story featured on the cover. This text story is of a revenge that will stay with me for quite a while. 

Luke Cooper, best known for his striking B&W art provides another text story called 'Don't read this'

Jim Alexander pens two new stories- Pipe with art by Graeme MacLeod and Bad Tooth with art by Eva Holder. 

Kroom and The Last Posse both reach their fourth chapters and are racing to their respective conclusions in next issue.

A panel from my favourite strip this issue- Bad Tooth by Jim Alexander, Eva Holder & Jim Campbell

My review of issue Issue 03 is in the link, and I recommend anyone reading to get their hands on copies of these comics. Jim is putting out some quality work and this series is as good as any.

Contact Jim directly for a copy of the book- it is a mere £2.95 for a copy via and while you are there pick up the rest of the issues as well.