Saturday, 25 October 2014

From the FQP Archive: Something Wicked 01-03

Now available from the FQP archive: Something Wicked 01-03. Collecting the first three issues of the annual horror extravaganza!

Including stories by:

Adrian Bamforth, Al Ewing, Alec Worley, Arthur Wyatt, Ben Womack, Bolt-01, Brett Buckle, Brian Janchez, Bryan Coyle, Cavan Scott, Charles Paul Wilson & Steve Talaba, Chris Chapman, Chris Fenoglio, Chris Steifvater Thomas, Christine Harper, Cullen Bunn & Shaun Lee, Dan Hill, Dan Kennedy, Dave Roberts, Dean McDowell, Dom Reardon, Dunk! Nimmo, Ed Berridge, Ed Traquino, Flint Hazabudak, Gibson Quarter, Graham Plowman, James Feist, James Fletcher, James Mackay, James McEwan, Johnny Mcmonagle, Julia Bax, Keith Burns, Kieran Murphy, Lee Robson, Lonny Chant, Mark Woodland, Nick Andreychuk, Paul Carter, Paul Scott, Richmond Clements, Robert Murphy, Scott Clements, Steven Denton, Terry Stock, Tim Twelves, Vicky Stonebridge.

Over 140 pages of strip for only £2.00- these comics are no longer available so this is the only way to experience the creeping dread as Something Wicked this way comes!

Available via the FQP page on Comicsy

Note- The comicsy download is around 30 meg, the most that comicsy will allow. For a higher resolution edition (around 180 meg) email with your paypal receipt and I'll get in touch.

In Review: Amazing & Fantastic Tales Issue 04.

Amazing & Fantastic Tales Issue 04 from Planet Jimbot.

The anthology headed by Jim Alexander reaches issue 04 with a few new additions to the line-up.

Cold Blooded by Ed Murphy is a new addition to the line-up and the story featured on the cover. This text story is of a revenge that will stay with me for quite a while. 

Luke Cooper, best known for his striking B&W art provides another text story called 'Don't read this'

Jim Alexander pens two new stories- Pipe with art by Graeme MacLeod and Bad Tooth with art by Eva Holder. 

Kroom and The Last Posse both reach their fourth chapters and are racing to their respective conclusions in next issue.

A panel from my favourite strip this issue- Bad Tooth by Jim Alexander, Eva Holder & Jim Campbell

My review of issue Issue 03 is in the link, and I recommend anyone reading to get their hands on copies of these comics. Jim is putting out some quality work and this series is as good as any.

Contact Jim directly for a copy of the book- it is a mere £2.95 for a copy via and while you are there pick up the rest of the issues as well.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Incoming! Copper Trap

Copper trap is the latest strip by writer Mike Lynch and he is joined on this occasion by long-time friend to FQP Johnny McMonagle. Copper Trap is one of my favourite strips in Something Wicked and when you read it, you'll find out why. Something Wicked 10 is on sale in early November.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Incoming! So Your Spouse Has Become A Zombie

Coming very soon to the pages of Something Wicked, So Your Spouse Has Become a Zombie is a cautionary fable brought to you by Umar Ditta and artist Adam Caudill.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Incoming: A Jagged Piece Of A Broken Heart

Coming soon to the pages of Something Wicked- A Jagged Piece Of A Broken Heart by Robert LeFebvre and Justin Wood.

If you have ever come home from work early to surprise your nearest and dearest- then you could find yourself in this situation...

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Incoming! Operation: Oops

Meet, THE COBRA! Coming to the pages of FutureQuake courtesy of writer Owen Crabtree and artist Dan Goodfellow.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

FQP Recommends- CROSS

Let's get something out of the way- I'm not big on Kickstarting stuff. I'd much prefer to see this set up as a normal title where the publisher puts it all in up front. However I'm not in charge of this but I am friends with the folks that are.

The link above will get you to the relevant KS page, and there is a lot more info there on the first rate creators involved.

2000 AD fans will be interested to know that Rob Williams, PJ Holden, David Baillie and Alwyn Talbot are among the creators who have contributed writing and artwork, and Matt Soffe has provided some promo work as well. That's without putting out that the whole shebang is the brainchild of two of our own- Conor Boyle and his wife Lizzie, both long time contributors to FQP titles.