Sunday, 10 February 2013

Something Wicked 08: Broken Frontiers Review

  Andy Oliver over at Broken Frontier has posted a review for the current issue of Something Wicked.

 Thanks to FQP Regular Lee Robson for the link

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Exciting News Readers! No FutureQuake in March.

Unfortunately there is not going to be an issue of FutureQuake this March. Issue 23 would be due in the next couple of weeks but due to circumstances I'll go into below I do not have enough pages to make print.

Normally I would over commission each issue to the tune of three or four strips, with the proviso that some folks may drop out or not make deadline. There are a maximum of 48 pages in each issue and if they get filled then some strips need to be moved along in the schedule. Some of you may well have been told by me in the past that your strip was being passed over for the following issue, and the vast majority of creators are cool with this. 

Some however, can be a little snippy. Which I can see the point of. If you have worked hard to hit a deadline, only to be told that your strip is not going to be printed for an extra four months then it is understandable to be a little miffed.

So for this issue I took a good look at what I had outstanding, and what was commissioned and decided to try and be a little more 'just in time' with the strips. I even began to send out monthly countdowns to the artists to hopefully encourage them to keep me informed of progress and any issues. 

However, as of the end of January deadline I only have enough material to fill two thirds of an issue- not good.

So, a massive thanks to all of those who made the deadline for getting all your work in to me, and a massive I'm sorry as your strip is not going to see print till the summer in FutureQuake 23.

I've got quite a few strips commissioned for that issue already and with those that are rolling over as well the issue should fill up right smart and give me a good buffer for further issues. 

I guess the lesson for me is that over commissioning is good.

Utopia- Channel 4- Including FQP!

Utopia (Link to Channel 4) is a TV show currently on air in the UK. During the summer of 2012 I was contacted by the production company and asked if I would send along some promo material they could have on screen. I supplied the covers to FQ15 (Gibson Quarter) FQ18 (Richard Smith) and SW08 (Conor Boyle) and that was that.

Cut to the night of the first episode, and here at FQP towers I had a phone call from my eldest- had I seen it!? The show had started and he had seen the cover of an FQP comic. I set my TV to record the show and got a little excited. I've yet to watch the show, but I'm looking forward to it.

Thanks to Goaty on the 2000ADOnline message board for the screen grab.