Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween...

Can you believe it is 7 years since we started Something Wicked..?

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

FQP Archive: FutureQuake 04-06

NEW! FutureQuake Archive 04-06

See where it all started! Over 140 pages of small press shocker featuring the talents of:

Al Ewing, Alan Donald, Arthur Ranson, Arthur Wyatt, Barny Shergold, Bolt-01, Bryan Coyle, Charlie Adlard, Colin Dinnie, Cullen Bunn, Daniel Whiston, David Knight, Derek Hamill, Dunk! Nimmo, Ed Berridge, Ed Traquino, Eddie Robson, Gary Wilkinson, Geoffrey Shane, Gibson Quarter, Greame Cluskey, Inaki Miranda, James Kircough, James Mackay, Johnny McMonagle, Josh Idehen, Julia Bax, Keith Burns, Kieran Murphy, Lonny Chant, Mark Woodland, Martin Gooch, Martin Timmins, Matthew Banwell, Matt Timson,  Mick Trimble, Micheal Carroll, Mike Molcher, Paul Crilley, Paul Glasswell, Paul Scott, Paul Williams, Peter Anckorn, Richmond Clements, Robert Timmins, Simeon Aston, Simon Penter, Steve Roberts, Stewart McKenny, Vicky Stonebridge, Yul Tolbert

Unavailable for many years, see early works by some of the rising stars of today’s comics!

All for only £2.00, available as a digital download via Comicsy!

Saturday, 26 October 2013

In Review- The Dept of Monsterology!

With issue one of this new comic just hitting the shelves we thought it only fair to let you know what we think of it here at FQ.

As I’m sure all of you know, the comic is written by 2000 AD writer Gordon Rennie, with art by PJ Holden, colours by Steven Denton and lettering by Jim ‘eff you’ Campbell… quite a line up, but is it as good as the credits suggest it should be..?

Well, the short answer to this is yes. Yes it is.

Briefly then: the Department of Monsterology is divided into different sections who deal with different types of supernatural events. This issue opens at the bottom of the sea, with the members of Team Challenger investigating the ruins of a submerged city and in the process getting into a scrape with some distinctly Lovecraftian beasties. Holden and Denton really get to go to town on the art here, which is detailed in the inking and atmospheric in the colouring. And of course, Campbell’s lettering is never anything less than perfect.

This first half of the book is textbook first issue writing. Rennie effortlessly introduces us to the team and explains their function within it without it ever sounding like clumsy, plodding exposition.

I was just settling down to enjoying the company of this team when halfway through, we have an abrupt scene change and are dropped in with another group. This time we’re in Budapest with Team Carnacki. I was initially a bit put out – I was enjoying the company of Team Challenger, but soon forgot all about them as this half of the tale quickly gripped.

Will I be coming back for more? Absolutely I will. This was a brilliant first episode. I am curious at the odd choice of splitting the first episode into two, but am curious to see how, if at all, the separate storylines intertwine as the issues go on.

Images and links from the Renegade Arts Website- Many thanks.

Department of Monsterology is available now from Renegade Arts Entertainment. 

Print Edition

Digital Dowload

Saturday, 19 October 2013


Closing FutureQuake 24 is SECOND CHANCE by JJ Robinson and Alex Paterson.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Coming soon- SINGLES NIGHT

Coming soon to FutureQuake 24, Singles Night by Tony McVeigh and Jaye Franklin.

That guy? That's Zeus, that is. Yup, 'Father of the gods' and all that... Singles night... This isn't going to end well is it? On sale soon.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Coming Soon- The Man With 268 Bodies.

Hmm, how to describe this- 'International businessman clones himself so he can run entire business'? or maybe 'Newly 'awakened' slave discovers he is really the boss'? hmm, this is a tough one.

Tell you what, buy FutureQuake 24 and you can decide for yourself...

THE MAN WITH 268 BODIES is by Dan Haycock and Andrew Hartmann, on sale in November!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Coming soon: SAINTS' TEARS

You have to ask yourself 'who in their right mind would take a pill from a chap looking like this? You can find out for yourself in 'Saints' tears' by Alec Charles and Sam Weller. On sale in Something Wicked 09, due November 2013.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Coming Soon- SIREN SONG

Coming imminently to the pages of Something Wicked: Siren Song by Alistair Robb and Stephen Prestwood. A strip that has art created on the IPAD!

Monday, 14 October 2013

Coming soon: MAYBE HE MADE IT.

Sometimes  you don't need words to tell a story- and sometimes you do. Maybe he made it is 95% text free and it is down to the talents of writer Michael DeShane and artist Roland Bird that we are able to get away with that.

MAYBE HE MADE IT will be in Something Wicked 09, on sale very soon.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Coming very soon- POWER AND THE GLORY

It's not very often that we get an actual piece of promo art for a strip. Many is the time I wish a strip artist had thought to do something like this, but Jim Lavery has and by Jovus it's a corker!

This is from the strip he has in FQ24 written by the one and only Lee 'Babble' Robson and any other time this would have been the cover...

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Coming soon- Last Train to Vienna

Eric Jackson, Chris Walker and Leigh Kuilboer present 'Last Train to Vienna', coming to the centre pages of Something Wicked 09. Trust me when I say that the panel above is one of the quieter ones...

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Coming soon- Shambling Towards Bethlehem

Shambling Towards Bethlehem is brought to you by Sam Verrall, Pavlos Pavlides and Valia Kapaldi. Set in a post Zombie apocalypse world- the strip warns of keeping your cool under testing situations...

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Coming soon- Beyond

'Beyond' is a short for Something Wicked by Mike Lynch and Matthew Harrower.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Coming Soon- This Sounds Unnatural

Coming soon to FQ- This Sounds Unnatural. A strip by Adkins P Jones and the artistic monolith that is Bruno Stahl. For a clue as to how unnatural the sound is- check out this guy!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Coming Soon: Valour & Mettle

Coming soon to FQ- Valour & Mettle by Michael Consoli & Peter Woods.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Coming Soon- The Good Behaviour Act

Oh, oh! This can't be good for anyone involved. David McCluskey and Andrew Morrice take time out to bring us a little something called 'The Good Behaviour Act'. And yeah, it has Santa in...