Friday, 31 December 2010


Due to the sheer volume of scripts with us here at FQP, both commissioned and under submission; I am having to close the doors to new submissions. Any scripts received after posting this will be returned- unread for the forseeable future. Many thanks to all of you out there for supporting FQP we will see you in the spring with FutureQuake 17.

1st Look: EX LIBRIS

EX LIBRIS is  by Eoghan Ahern (writer) and David Frankum (art & Letters) and is due to be published in FutureQuake 17.

Friday, 3 December 2010

1st Look! A FREE RIDE

A FREE RIDE is by writer John Howson and artist Jack Davies. 5 pages long and currently scheduled to appear in FutureQuake 17. This is the first strip for either of them for FQP, though John has had a 2000 AD FutureShock in prog 1641, in 2009.