Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Something Wicked #11- 04 days to go!

To herald the launch of the next wave of comics from FQP, we will be updating the blog each day with a look at one of the strips.

Today we look at The Curious Tale of Hartigan Hare, which will be appearing in Something Wicked #11.
Art By Bryan Coyle- click to view larger version

JJ Robinson (Writer: The Curious Tale of Hartigan Hare) "My six year old son thinks you should know I have spikes and wear glasses. So... hope that clears things up for everyone."

Bryan Coyle (Art: The Curious Tale of Hartigan Hare) is a shadow of a man, who can be found as a face through a window, crying in the night at

This strip features framing pages with art provided by Alex Paterson.

Readers of this strip will also be interested to know that this strip features links with one of the strips in the upcoming Time Bomb Comics release- Bomb Scares-
This You-tube link provides a brief look at some of the strips featured in that collection.
There is also a Kickstarter for the Bomb Scares book, which by the time this post goes live will hopefully be complete.

What is the link? You'll need to get copies of both Something Wicked #11 and Bomb Scares to find out.

Join us tomorrow as we take a look at another upcoming strip!

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