Monday, 26 March 2012

Closed for holiday!

Apologies folks, but I'll be away till April 20th or thereabouts. If you really need me in a hurry I'll have sporadic access to emails, but in reality I'll not be able to do anything till I'm home. Any orders or new scripts will be taken care of then. Thanks very much.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

FutureQuake 20- now on sale!

Available now- FutureQuake 20!
Behind the cover by Dave Thomson celebrating the final episode of the current Neroy Sphinx caper we have 8 strips to astound you.
This issue we present:
Red Planet by Peter Dabbene and Alex Paterson
Projections by Paul Penna and Stewart Moore
Whodunnit by John Howson and Simon Breeze
The Vengeance of Lord Vengeance by Emmet Fagan and Iain Laurie
Does not compute by Oscar Maltby and Matty Redmond
The Blood of the covenant by Flex Arith and Brett Buckle
Deus Ex libris by Matthew Golding and Jaye Franklin
Neroy Sphinx- Old Familiar Places by Dan Whiston and Dave Thomson

Available from the link on the right hand side!