Saturday, 3 May 2014

In Review- FOOD CHAIN 01

Food Chain 01 by Jim Alexander, Peter Woods and Jim Campbell.

Published by Planet Jimbot.

Blurb: "You're in Sales. You're top of the food chain. Your whole life - every client detail - is held on your smartphone. So what happens when someone gets hold of your phone - your contacts - your life? Someone bad? Someone demonic?"

Good pitch, eh? It made me keen to read the comic so job done- Over the last few months I've read quite a bit from Planet Jimbot- and I've yet to be dissappointed. The Jims' are building quite a stable of titles, and this one even features an artist I was familiar with. Pete Woods worked on 'Valour & Mettle' in FutrueQuake 24 (You do have a copy, right? If not- you can fix that by clicking over to the shop!) and here he does an excellent job of storytelling.

Launched back at the LSCC in March I've finally gotten round to putting my thoughts on this strip down.

Okay- There is a ot going on here, and we aren't being told everything. Marcus is our lead character, and he's not exactly a nice man. He's 'very' career driven.

There is almost nothing he won't do to close a deal, in fact he seems to be very willing to go the 'extra' mile to make clients happy. However- his world seems a little 'off' There are enough strange things going on throughout the strip that by the time I finished my second read I was still piecing things together. I hate giving anything away in reviews so there's not really much more I can say without spoiling things.

This is, in my opinion, a remarkably disturbing read, but not for the obvious things. it is all the little stuff in the background that adds to the overall feeling that Marcus is in a very bad place.

Congrats to all involved for yet another cracker from Planet Jimbot.

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