Sunday, 17 November 2013

In review: The Golem

The Golem, By Chris Kent.

What is it?- Alfred Larchmont is a struggling magician in the late 19th century. He comes into posession of the titular Golem and his life changes forever. Relationships are changed and secrets revealed.

The good- Chris has built a solid story with a memorable lead. The design work throughout is flawless, with some beautiful page layouts. The artwork, all lovingly rendered pencils, is expressive and dynamic throughout the book. Chris has based the majority of the pages on a nine-panel grid and he uses this technique very effectvely, leading the reader through the work at a pace he dictates.

The bad- Occasionally the story isn't as clear as it could be, especially once the story hits the final act. This is a shame as the plot builds to a grand climax and the final closing pages are almost perfect in their execution. I would have liked some more scenes with the secondary characters exploring their motives, but I am aware that every story presents its own challenges for the creator in terms of what to show, and what to imply.

The result- Chris Kent is going to tell you a story. It's not all obvious, it's not all pleasant, but it is gripping and will stay with you long after you finish the initial read. I really recommend this book and will be looking forward to more from Chris.

The Golem is a self- published work by scots author Chris, and is available from Graphite Fiction
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