Friday, 1 November 2013

FutureQuake 24

FutureQuake hits issue 24. Find out why this is one of the best kept secrets in British comics. Behind the amazing cover by Mauro Lirussi we have 11 strips to entertain and astound you.

This issue we present:


Deconstructing Alex. 5 pages by writer Raz Greenberg and artist Darren Mullen   
Knock Knock. 5 pages by writers BJ Fox, Chris Godfree and artist Johnny Hoang               

Power & the Glory. 5 pages by writer Lee Robson and artist Jim Lavery              

Second Chance. 5 pages by writer JJ Robinson and artist Alex Paterson             

Singles Night. 5 pages by writer Tony McVeigh and artist Jaye Franklin            

The Man with 268 bodies. 5 pages by writer Dan Haycock and artist Andrew Hartmann  

The Sounds Unnatural. 9 pages by writer Adkins P Jones and artist Bruno Stahl               

Think I'm Paradroid. 3 pages by writer Mark Hobby and artist Tim Cassford.

Truth Justice & the American Way. 1 page by writer BJ Fox  and artist Johnny Hoang      

Valour And Mettle. 5 pages by writer Michael Consoli and artist Peter Woods 

Write Man For The Job. 5 pages by writer Buster Willoughby and artist Mauro Lirussi     

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