Friday, 1 July 2016

FutureQuake Summer 2016

Cover art by: Alex Paterson- Click to see a larger version.

NEW FORMAT! 96 pages, trade paperback. Featuring 20 strips by the finest talents in the Small Press. See the latest chapter in ‘Idea Space’ as Tyler Dann visits Birmingham’s ‘Nostalgia & Comics’ store. And that is just the opening story in the finest issue we have produced yet. All for £6.00

Bait And Switch by writer Fred Francis and artist Keiran Squires

Beyond The Machine by Boy Phaff 

Child Star by writer Mike Kalin and artist Rafael Romeo Magat

Come Home by writer Lee Robson and artist Justin Woods

 Ghost Town by writer Marcello Bondi and artist Martina Marzullo

Hel comes to Baltitown by writer JJ Robinson and artist Alex Paterson

Men In Green by writer River Apparicio and artist Marc Ducrow

Murder He Read by writer Matthew Collyer and artist Jack Davies

Point of Contact by writer Eddie Robson and artist Matt Sandbrook

 Post Mortem by writer Tim Perry and artist David Valente

Prison Conditions by writer Chris Tresson and artist Terrance Whitlow

Second Chances by writer Alec Charles and artist Boy Phaff

Sentience by writer Jonathan Stevenson and artist Chris Connelly

Sleeping Life Waiting by writer Derek Adnams and artist Chris Geary

Slight by writer David Tomas and artist Aidan Gilman

Super by writer Jonathan Stevenson and artist Daniel Bell

The Happiest Dan Alive by writer Russell Hillman and artist Scott Twells

The Healers by writer Mike Kalin and artist Rafael Chrestani

These Things Happen by writer Dominic Teague and artist Roland Bird. 

Roland will be joining Team FQP as part of Small Press Day in July 2016 at Nostalgia & Comics in Birmingham. More news closer to the event.

Unbound by writer Niall Kitson and artist Michael Adam Kindred

Only £6.00 From the link on the right!

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