Friday, 26 June 2015


Art by Richard Rudge- click to read.

To celebrate the imminent release of the new issue of FutureQuake- we are pleased to present for you an exclusive strip by  newcomers Dick Jillings and Richard Rudge.

MAULRATS will be running each day up till the launch of FutureQuake #27

Dick Jillings (Writer) prevaricates over draft 2 of his first novel, a redemptive love story between Frankenstein's monster and a clay zombie, by penning comic strips. Dick originally hails from Lowestoft.

Richard Rudge (Art) is a UK based artist with his head so far in the clouds it’s in outer space! When not inking comics for FutureQuake he’s publishing his own webcomic “Galactic Scrap Collector” Twitter: @RLRudge

Galactic Scrap Collector :

Thanks to Dick and Richard for allowing us to run the strip on the blog.

Don't forget, FQP comics are always available via the FQP webshop!

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