Tuesday, 19 May 2015

INCOMING! The Last of the Camel Leopards.

The Last of the Camel Leopards is by writer Karl Brandt and artist PL Woods.

Karl is an Australian writer whose work can be found in The School Magazine, Decay, and Strange Stories of Fantasy and Fiction. He lives in Jakarta with his wife, Ita. karlnickolas@yahoo.com This is Karls first work for FQP- it is not his last...

PL Woods work has previously appeared in Zarjaz, FutureQuake, Metaverse, Food Chain and a self published anthology called “Strange Stories” he is available for commissions and collaborations www.plwoods.weebly.com This is his third strip for FQP- Previously he has worked on Valour & Mettle in FutureQuake #24 and The Rogue Trooper strip 'Sniper Alley' in Zarjaz, the 2000 AD fanzine.

The Last of the Camel Leopards is scheduled for Something Wicked #11.

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