Sunday 1 March 2015

FutureQuake 26

Cover by Matt Soffe

FutureQuake is back! The finest talents in the small press are here again to save you from boredom. Where else in the printed world can you get this much variety for such a small outlay? 48 pages for only £4.00 It would be an insult to all of creation to ask for less!

Final Cut by writer Gary Chudleigh and artist Rui Mendes

Final Status by writer Umar Ditta and artist Marc Ducrow with Tones by Valentina Sannais

Higher Power by writer Alec Charles and artist Barry Renshaw

Letters Home by writer Alec Robertson and artist RH Stewart

Modern Security by writer Alec Charles and artist Darren Mullen

Part of the Process by Jim Lavery (Script by Lee Robson)

Revenant by writer ‘Alan Smithee’ and artist Jim Croasdale

The Day After The Earth Stood still by writer JJ Robinson and artist Alex Paterson

The Shepherd by writer Alexi Conman and artist Xia

As always- available via the link on the right to the FQP webshop

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