Saturday, 14 February 2015

Coming Soon- NEROY SPHINX- Back in the game

NEROY SPHINX- Back in the game.

ISBN 978-0-9931849-0-1

Celebrating 10 years of publishing, FQP are proud to present our first trade. Neroy Sphinx- Back in the game collects all the tales from FutureQuake 04-20 under one cover along with two new tales! 

Almost 100 pages of high quality SF action with an introduction by JAMES LOVEGROVE. 

All the strips have been relettered and the artwork has been remastered by Johnny McMonagle, James Kircough & Dave Thomson to make sure that when you read NEROY SPHINX- Back in the game you are left with no doubt that FQP really is the home of the finest new talents in comics. Available from April for a mere £5.00

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