Sunday, 2 November 2014

Something Wicked 10

SOMETHING WICKED reaches issue 10 in fine style! Behind the wraparound cover by Jon Taylor we present 10 strips filled with that much horror, that 10 out of 10 is the only score possible! Caution is recommended as you read this issue. 48 pages for only £4.00


A Jagged Piece Of A Broken Heart by writer Robert Lefebvre and artist Justin Wood

Angler by writer Richard Pearce and artist Jack Davies

Copper Trap by writer Mike Lynch and artist Johnny McMonagle

Dinner Date by writer Chris Tresson and artist Darren Stephens

Graveyard Shift by writer David McCluskey and artist Sam Weller

Schrodingers Hat by writer Derek Hamill and artist  Jon Taylor 

So Your Spouse Has Become A Zombie by writer Umar Ditta and artist Adam Caudill

The Fifty Yard Fox by writer David McCluskey and artist Scott Twells

The Last by writer Jimmy Furlong and artist Andrew Hartmann

Victoria by writer Lee Robson and artist Bryan Coyle

Available now from the link on the right.

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