Friday, 4 July 2014

A bit of a song and dance...

(Poster by Alex Paterson)

Coming soon to a theatre in Bristol for one night only- A BIT OF A SONG AND DANCE is a 'Script in hand' session for an upcoming play (I think it is a workshop type thing where the actors get to work through the script to make sure the stage directions work, but I might be talking out of my hat- D) that is available for one night only.

The reason I'm bringing this to you? The writer, Gill Kirk wanted a comic artist for the poster. Dan Whiston (writer of the Neroy Sphinx stories) passed Gill our way and via a combination of timing and the right artist being in the right place Alex Paterson was able to provide the superb image above.

Tickets are available HERE and we wish Gill a successful night.

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