Tuesday, 17 June 2014

FutureQuake 25- Cover(s)

FutureQuake 25 is late.

No two ways about it, this issue should have been on sale in March, but for reasons that I'll not be going into here, that didn't happen.

I did get the cover sorted though, this little beauty from Bruno Stahl...

Flash forward and FutureQuake 26 should have been getting prepped right about now, and I'd already sourced a cover for the issue by Conor Boyle...
but hold on, I'd gotten a cover already from last issue that wasn't used! What to do?

Should I hold the Conor cover back, along with the strip that it goes with? Hold back the Bruno cover, and the strip that one goes with? I did consider both of those options, but I am not planning on there being an issue of FQ in November this year so that would mean holding the cover for almost another six months before it saw print.

That's bad form, and If I was a contributor to that title I'd be having words.

So, my only solution really was to run both covers. Therefore FutureQuake 25, available July 2014 for as long as the print run lasts will feature two covers and two lead strips!

Fingers crossed I've got the formatting on this one right.

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