Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Something Wicked 07- Contents

Available now! Something Wicked 07 brings you the the best use of £3.50 you will find all halloween! Inside the awesome cover by Adam Bolton you will find:

Fiends of the Eastern Veldt by The Emperor and Adam Bolton

Everythings Gone Green by Karl Stock and Vladimir Kuzmanov

Witch Of The Mists by Matthew McLaughlin and Vicky Stonebridge

The Path by Lee Robson and John Cahill

Caveat Emptor by Tom Proudfoot and John Hutcheson

Curse of Rama-Set  by Colin Dinnie and Adam Bolton

Voices  by Scott Schmidt andEl Chivo

Day At The Park by Neil Daniels and Jack Davies
Tales from the Scooper: Downtime  by Oscar Maltby and Brian Beardsley

Something Wicked 07 is for sale now from the button on the left with the cover on. This issue, along with others is available from the FQP Shop. You will also be able to get your copy in person over the weekend of 19th -20th Novemeber at the Thought Bubble convention.

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