Friday, 4 June 2010


Over on Millarworld, they have been running what amounts to open auditions for the upcoming CLiNT Mag, of which FQ has had multiple entries. Some of which I didn't even know of till I looked just.

The first was a reworking of 'THE JOY OF TEXT' (Image is a bit NSFW- IMO) by Paul Glasswell & Simon Penter (Who coloured the pages all special-like)

The second is 'THE PROPHET' by Derek Hamill & Andy Scordellis.

There are are also older strips up there too:

Outer Space FQ01 by Art Wyatt and Ade Bamforth (Though Art has posted the pages in the wrong order)

The Injuries of Mr Indestructible from FQ04 and the FQP family Special, by Eddie Robson and Julia Bax

You can read the strips by clicking on the links, and I've now posted a link to the FQ site and mentioned that we are eligible for the Eagles this year.
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