Friday, 13 November 2009

The State of play November 2009.

I did this for Zarjaz & Dogreath last week, so it is only really fair to do it here too. There are a lot of strip pages currently awaiting printing for FQP. So far we have:

Murder, Ink by Nick Xylas and Rehaan Akhtar (3 pages for FutureQuake)
Flower Story by Azure and Sophia Grant (10 pages for MangaQuake)
Halloween in Hero town by Dan Rafter and Triluz (7 pages for MangaQuake)
Hunter/Prey by Mark Smith and Paul Johnson (3 pages for MangaQuake)
Outside the Box by Lawrence Conquest and Bolt-01 (5 pages for FutureQuake, and also available as part of the current TEMPLE
The Deadly Merger of Brilaxia Fo by Tom Davies and David Tomson (4 pages for FutureQuake)
Edge of Creation by Dan Hill and Bryan Coyle (5 pages for FutureQuake)
Ookai by Inko (7 pages for MangaQuake)
Search & Avoid by Inko (7 pages for MangaQuake)
A Measure of Wheat for a Penny by Eric Jackson, Chris Walker and Chris Fenoglio (6 pages for Something Wicked)
A Hobby a Day by Dan Hill and Matt Birks (2 pages for Something Wicked)
The Unleashing of the Ineffectual by Dave Tallerman and Duncan Kay (4 pages for Something Wicked)
Tom Foolery by Zackarya Anwar and Tony Suleri (8 pages for FutureQuake)
War of the worlds by Mark Howard and George Coleman (5 pages for FutureQuake)

Which is quite a bit!

We also have 123 pages of ‘actively commissioned’ strip and 101 pages of Script awaiting an artist.

All of which goes to show that we are going to be bringing you the best in the small press for quite a while yet!
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