Thursday, 27 August 2009

In Review: Omnivistascope 05

OMNIVISTASCOPE is possibly the most highest standard small press title out there.

Publisher and lead writer Paul Scott brings us a massive 100 plus page title, that sees within its pages a superb array of science fiction, photo-story, interview and opinion.

The cover is by Oliver Redding, who graced us in FQ07 with Meet the Don and other creators some of you may find familiar are Bryan Coyle, Ed Berridge and Julia Bax.

This issue also features a repeat outing of a strip from FutureQuake 05- Tides and currents, relettered to within an inch of perfection by Paul and the strip really benefits from the improved printing OVS enjoys.

I recommend each of you to buy a copy of this, as it is well worth it.
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